Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia

University of New South Wales

Indonesian Students Association (ISA) UNSW


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About Us (Who We Are)


Hand in Hand is a charitable not-for-profit organization established by the Indonesian Students’ Association of UNSW, also known as PPIA UNSW.


We began as a group of compassionate young Indonesian students, wanting to make a difference in the society as a whole, especially in our own home country, Indonesia. And rather than merely wanting to, we thought that we should instead be the difference.


If we could, why shouldn’t we be the pioneer of change?

So we decided that we would love the less fortunate, care for the forgotten, feed the poor, give relief to the suffering, and do everything we can to voluntarily give back to the community...just because WE CAN.



Why Should You Trust Us / Reasons To Donate

We understand that trust builds with time, and as we are a recently-established organization we assure you that we will uphold our morals and integrity, because we believe that to be able to contribute to society we need to first be responsible with everything that we have been entrusted with.


We believe in keeping our moral values clear and our decisions transparent, for we believe that setting and maintaining the right standards would result in a strong foundation for our organization to gain trust and confidence, and thus grow in a healthy manner.


How To Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved, we have a number of options available, including hands-on activities such as volunteering in our fundraising activities as well as volunteering activities in Indonesia. Any form of financial aid will also be accepted and greatly appreciated!


What We Do

Proceeds from our fundraising activities and donations will immediately be allocated to fund for the events and activities we hold to help the less fortunate in Indonesia. These will occur every half-yearlies, during the UNSW recess period.


We will be providing a platform for you to be able to sponsor an Indonesian child yearly, teach children living on the streets, distributing meals, as well as providing support towards orphanages and elderly homes.


What Fund Raising Activities We Do

Our fundraising activities include bake sales, picnics, garage sales, etc. Regular donations will also be a big part of our funding, and as Hand in Hand is a part of the bigger organisation, PPIA UNSW, excess funds raised from PPIA UNSW events will be allocated to our very own charity.